Phobia Exhibition – Visual Communication 1st Year

As the time of our first year at Visual Communications at Loughborough University came to an end, I thought it would be better to end it with a bang! An event where we can exhibit all our creative work and enjoy some time together with other designers, our teachers and family and friends.

I therefore organized this exhibition with the help of a team of 5 other students from my year, and we all took responsibility for a different element of the exhibition. It was given the theme of Phobias, and each of us had to design something – absolutely anything conveying a phobia of some sort! James Robert Fox was in charge of the designing of the promotion material and the logo which was then implemented on all our tee-shirts, while others took care of the venue, the equipment, the sponsorships etc.

All in all it was a wonderful event, with friends and family enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the venue and admiring the pleasant as well as sometimes the shocking pieces of work, while the teachers and students got a chance to mingle and chat in an informal setting away from the studios!

Phobia phobia group Promo

Phobia Concept        Me and friends in Phobia Tees        Advertising

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