72 Hours Pop-Up Shop in Soho

“A pop up store experience where fashion is the new art”

As soon as I graduated and moved back to Hong Kong from UK, I contacted Kanchan and requested to intern with her for a period of time. Within this time I had the pleasure of working on an amazing event with her which was called “72 hours”. The concept was that the decorated interior and the window display would be on the move every 24 hours! “72 Hours” housed a visual feast of limited edition collections of clothing, art, accessories and a playfully decorated interior which was on the move every 24 hours.

The first day the theme was “White Knights”, where people had to wear a white tee, bring a colourful pen and they couldn’t leave till they had made their mark on someone else’s tee-shirt! The idea behind this theme was that every white tee is a black canvas waiting to be created on. This was a wonderful way of integrating arts and fashion, as we tend to forget that every day, every little decision we make about the way we dress to the way we do certain things, we are all creating art in our own individual unique ways.

The 2nd day theme was “Fashionistas Anonymous”, where people had to bring an item of clothing that they don’t wear anymore, and there at the event you have a chance of swapping your clothes with someone else’s. So each guest goes home with a new item of clothing as well as some valuable tips from Kanchan on how to style, play and pull off your outfits!

My job within this event was to assist in the day to day running of the event, taking care of small minute details, as well as contributing in the design of the interior and the shop displays. I loved this part of the job as it gave me the freedom to be creative and come up with unique ideas and put my design skills to good use! Overall, I really enjoyed helping out with this event as it taught me a lot about taking care of small details, and the pressures of dealing with last minute problems and the biggest thing – it taught me how to network!

design Floor us

Window Display Day 1                      Floor Design             White Knights – doodled tees

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