Smiles and Success at Sara’s Henna Stall in SOHO!

This has been the most exciting weekend I have ever spent in Hong Kong in my 12 years here!! The festival came to a fantastic end today with me being serenaded by a group of vocalists from the Macao Venetian!! They inspired me with their singing while I tattooed them thus attracting a LOT of attention to the henna stall – which was amazing!! Keep an eye out for the video which will be posted up very soon! There were a lot of very unique and creative individuals in the crowd today as well, from people who made us research into startrek to create a tattoo, to a girl who wanted leopard print on her skin! I loved these tattooes as they were something out of the ordinary, and after hours of drawing the same designs over and over again (as people kept picking the most popular designs) it was a refreshing change to see people with a mind of their own!

Anyways, as they says “Pictures speak a thousand words” so, in this post I will let the photos do all the talking! Just let me say – Well done to the Organizers for pulling off this amazing festival!!

Stall at 2nd day Sara's Henna Pictures Sheet Crowds at Henna Stall

THANK YOU to all those who got their tattoos done!

Venetian Vocalists with henna Leopard print Stiltwalkers

THANK YOU to the singers/ Venetian Vocalists for serenading me and getting a crowd!

Venetian Performer Sara's Henna Walking Promoters STartrek Tattoo

A Big THANK YOU to the Mushtaq Clan for the help and support (My family)

Lovely ladies with henna Happy kids with henna The mushtaq clan

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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