Henna at the Venetian in Macau!!

Yesterday was the most overwhelming day me and my friends have ever had!! I was invited to do a henna booth at the Mcsorley’s in the Macau Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes mall yesterday. We arrived and were instantly swept away by the grand entrance and the bling and gold all around us. From the beautiful mural painted ceilings to the smallest decor on the tables every little space has been created to create a fantasy world for the visitors.

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We then entered the Grand Canals Shoppes Mall, and were instantly surrounded by the world’s finest brands. We strolled along the winding cobblestone walkways and were serenaded by the singing gondoliers. The whole mall had been created to imitate Venice from the blue skies to the canals and the gondolas… it was breathtaking! We then went to McSorleys and met the lovely waitresses dressed in saris, in order to promote their bollywood themed new menus. The henna went really well and people enjoyed getting their hands decorated in henna tattoos. The highlight of the day was meeting the engineer behind the famous Cirque de Soleil! He got a dragon henna tattoo, and in return offered us 3 free tickets to the show which we intend to use on my birthday!:) So all in all… it was an absolutely Fantastic day… and all thanks to Eclipse Management for hiring me to do henna at their restaurant!!:D

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  1. wong sek tim says:
    January 31, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    I like my henna very much…thank you so much^^

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