Story & Concept of ‘The Henna Warrior’

‘The Henna Warrior’ is a concept that derived from the aim of creating an awareness of henna art in Hong Kong, and breaking the boundaries of henna art and exploring the ways in which I can create a fusion of traditional eastern henna with modern contemporary henna to portray the strong personalities of HK’s modern women. Read about the full concept in the press release here!

The whole concept was inspired by my good friend Derek – a movie producer and a creative copy genius:), and from a quick brainstorm session we had developed the idea into a campaign! First I was scared that like a lot of my ideas, this one too would never take shape, however I decided to make it happen! I knew that I could not give up till the images that had been conjuring up in my mind took place in reality! It was difficult to start with, but somehow everything fell into place, the models, the photography, the space, hair and makeup and because of all these amazing people I was able to turn this concept into reality! I could never thank them enough for doing this for me!! Let me introduce the wonderful cast of Henna Warriors shoot no 1:

Joyce YungPhotographer and Owner of RAW (Random Art Workshops)

Karen Lam –  Hair and Makeup artist and Owner of KalaMakeup

Alexa Lori Bui – Hair and Makeup artist

Kanchan Panjabi – Owner of the fashion label Kanchan Couture

Sunee La Claire – Owner of an image consulting business –  Immaginare Consulting

Watch and follow this blog for the full documentary in stories, photos and videos!

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  1. Mush says:
    March 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Wow, a great example of team work and leadership!

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