The Henna Warrior – Shoot 1

After all the plans I had made for ‘The Henna Warrior‘ campaign, and confirmed with the people who were willing to take part in this shoot for me, I realized that the actual henna designs were going nowhere! I had a million ideas yet when I put pen to paper nothing did justice to the ideas and designs that were floating in my head. One week before the shoot I finally understood that my henna designs weren’t something I could sketch out and plan… like everything else I did, they had to come straight from the heart and flow naturally. So in the end, that’s what I did! I woke up for the big day, full of adrenaline, a case of nerves, and did a few quick last minute sketches during my MTR journey to RAW, ready for my Henna Warriors!

Arriving at RAW calmed my nerves and my first model of the shoot, Kanchan instantly put me to ease and assured me that she was happy with the design I had planned out for her. Once we started the henna, the rest flowed very smoothly and within an hour Kanch’s henna tattoo was done! We were pretty pleased with the results and I had completely over-estimated the time it would take to design the tattoo. Thanks to Kanch for being so patient and bearing the cold the whole time!

Next step was her hair and makeup of which Karen did an absolutely fantastic job! She added a bit of turquoise in her eyes to really make them stand out and soon Kanch looked every bit of the Henna Warrior that I had pictured in my head!

Then came the part which I thought would be the easiest, yet turned out to be the most interesting and exhausting part of the day – the Photo shoot! Who ever thought that a model’s life is easy… think again!  Joyce was hard at work, in every single pose and angle imaginable to get the best shot for the Henna Warrior. I never realized just how many people have to work together to create a good photo or just how important good direction is for the perfect shot! The lighting, the angle, the pose, the expression, every little detail counts to make a picture perfect, but alas thanks to Joyce and Kanch, we got not one, but several perfect shots that you will be able to see at ‘The Henna Warrior Exhibition’!

This experience was something of an eye opener for me and it was absolutely wonderful to watch the images I had in my mind come to life before me. I learnt a lot through this first shoot and will be making quite a few changes for the rest of my henna Warriors! For now, I’m sure you’ve had enough of the story and are eager to see the actual photos so, click here to see all the backstage photos of the first Indian Henna Warrior photo-shoot! All photos courtesy of my camera, and the more pro looking ones from Joyce’s camera.

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