The Henna Warrior – Shoot 2: Roman Goddess

The second model for my Henna Warrior shoot was Sunee LaClaire – otherwise known as Sunee Immaginare, the director of her consulting company – Immaginare Consulting. Sunee was recommended to me by both the photographer and the makeup artist as just the right person for my campaign. She had all those characteristics in her that I was looking to portray in my henna Warrior, and shooting with her was great fun! I got my first surprise when she volunteered her face for the henna! All this time, I had been wanting to henna someone’s face and neck, but didn’t think I would find any woman brave enough to walk around with a brown/ red henna staining her face for a week!

It took some time to think of a design that would be bold enough to stand out, yet delicate enough to look pretty and feminine, but in the end it wasn’t too hard when I took Sunee’s personality in the picture!¬†With her love for nature and animals the patterns just flowed. I used very typical traditional floral patterns to represent the nature-istic side of her, with some bold swirls and paths portraying her independance and travels. A beautiful little birdie perched on her shoulder – small in size, yet with a powerful presence enough to make people stop and take notice … Just like I hope you will when you see the final shots at ‘The Henna Warrior Exhibition’!

For now take a look at all the backstage preparation for the shoot here, and keep watching this space for the next 2 photoshoots coming up soon!

Cast of shoot:

Joyce YungPhotographer and RAW’s director

Alexa Lori Bui – Hair and Makeup Artist

Sunee La Claire – Model

Me – Henna Artist

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