An Artistic Fusion: Henna & Fashion: Amazing evening!:)

What an amazing evening! Like most events, the evening started with a flock of nervous butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach because I didn’t know how the event would turn out turns out as usual I was worrying for no reason! 6:30 on the dot the first guest arrived, a lady who has been eager to learn the art of henna and who now got the chance to get her tattoo done! Soon after Kanchan’s boutique was bustling with people learning about the art of henna, trying out outfits, sipping champagne and getting their henna tattoos done. Most of these were first timers, who had never had a henna tattoo before and were intrigued and awed by the art and traditions of henna. A group of these people weren’t even from HK! They were visiting HK as part of their after uni travel adventures and I hope they left with a unique memorable experience:) I also had a chance to meet some amazing women who have definitely left an impression on me! A big thanks to Kanchan and Kelly for hosting this event and I hope to take part in more laid back fun events like these in the near future! Thank you to Maura from Sassy HK for writing a lovely review of the evening and thank you to all those who attended and I hope you all had a good time!

Check out all the photos here!

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