An Aussie Wedding Party with an Indian Twist~*

“I think she was born in the wrong culture!” exclaims one of the bride’s friends as we look around the indian themed room taking in the decorations, the bright colored beautiful outfits and the indian atmosphere. Truly I felt like I had stepped into an indian wedding party, with all the right elements to it! This party really showed me how henna reaches to everyone and that there are no boundaries with henna. The party tonight had a mixture of women from all around the world with the bride being Australian and just talking to them was so interesting because each one had a unique story of their own about how they came to HK! Yet all of them had quite a few things in common… an interest in Henna tattoos being one of them! I was introduced to the group and told them a bit about henna before we got started with the tattooing. Once again many of these women had never had a henna tattoo before so the pressure was on to ensure that they leave the party with the most unique henna experience they can ever have in Hong Kong! So I hope all you beautiful ladies like the tattoos and please feel free to leave comments and let me know how the color turns out! In the meantime, check out all the photos here!

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