Roweena’s Bridal Henna in HK

Indian weddings… nothing beats them! No matter how many times I do henna for indian brides, it never ceases to amaze me just how complex and extravagant Asian weddings are! Bringing guests and family from all over the world into one hotel is no easy task and I really respect the brides who manage to stay calm under all that stress! Roweena was another such bride. I had a great time doing her bridal henna, even though it got a bit hectic in her room for a while with the photographers and the videographers! But it all adds to the full bridal henna experience! We had good indian music going, her guests coming in and out visiting her throughout the 5 hours as well as the photographers and the videographers filming the whole event. The whole henna took around 4 hours, 5 including all the distractions!:) Check out all the photos here!

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