Ladies Henna & Chai party~!

Firstly Happy Easter to all my henna fans!:) Hope you’ve all had a great easter break!! I know I have for sure! Really needed this holiday, and even though it has been completely jampacked full of events and things to do, it’s still been pretty relaxing not having to worry about waking up early and going to work! The eve of the easter break started with a ladies henna and tea party over at my house which my mum had organized for all her friends. There was a never ending supply of the most delicious food items and then a henna session as soon as I got home from work! The good thing was, that I may have found myself a future partner! I realized that an old friend of mine had this hidden henna talent in her, that only came out because there were too many ladies and I was too tired to henna all of them. So she started doing a few hands herself and she was amazing! Check out all the photos here and see some of the best shots below!

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