Henna peacocks by the beach~*

I’ve done henna in all different atmospheres so far, but I must admit doing henna at a beach beats them all! Now I finally know what all the hype is about, when people go to exotic holidays and end up getting tattoos at the beach. It’s just such an amazingly relaxing feeling! I took my two friends who were visiting from UK last weekend to Discovery Bay in Hong Kong, and although the weather wasn’t perfect for a beach day, we still had an amazing time. They had always wanted a henna tattoo and they really liked the peacock tattoos that I’ve been really into the last few weeks, so I decided to henna them while sat at the beach. Nothing’s better than the hypnotic sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the peaceful silence that enveloped us. Instead of taking photos we decided to record these tattoos, and you can check one out right here! The full tattoo took 5 minutes, so I have edited the video down to 3 mins. You can see the rest of Sara’s Henna videos on YouTube!

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