Sara’s Henna + Baking Maniac = Unique Henna Cupcakes!

“This henna tattoo looks like chocolate! Can I try it?!” Guess what! Now you can!!

For as long as I can remember, people have always been telling me that henna looks like chocolate and I have to physically stop them from licking their henna tattoos off their hands! Since then, I have had this idea of creating cupcakes and cookies, and designing henna tattoos on them with all types of icing. The concept is very similar, you just replace the henna with the icing in the tubes and voila! You got yourself chocolate tattoos. Yesterday, for the first time ever I was able to try out this idea all thanks to the Baking Maniac! They were one of the vendors at the RAW Indulgence fair yesterday, and I contacted them a few days ago and proposed this idea of henna cupcakes to them. Thankfully they loved the idea, and were willing to make spare chocolate cupcakes for me, along with supplying me with the chocolate and vanilla buttercream icing.

At first it was a bit difficult controlling the plastic icing tube, however I soon got the hang of it and had an amazing time decorating little chocolate cupcakes with all kinds of traditional henna patterns! We were selling these for $20 each and all the money raised from this partnership was donated for a charity that Baking Maniac supports. Ankrish – HK’s very own baking prodigy is an absolutely adorable 13 yr old, who loves to bake, and is fantastic at it too!! His creations are beautiful and creative as well as being very scrumptious! So check out these photos and his website, and remember to contact him the next time you want some creative cupcakes for your party!

Few hours of Sara’s Henna + Huge spoons of love and effort from Baking Maniac + few tubes of chocolate icing + Buckets of enthusiasm and care = The best recipe for the most unique cupcakes!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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