1st Bridal Henna in Karachi!

When it comes to henna, I realized that it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in… it will always be appreciated and valued as one of the most important elements for an Asian bride. It’s right there on the top of the list along with the makeup and the outfits… no Asian bride will feel complete without henna-ed hands and feet! Which is the reason why I’m always trying to improve my designs and the service I offer these brides. My first bridal henna experience in Karachi was a lot of fun as firstly it was for my best friend so it was very personal! I used a new type of henna – the emergency fast drying henna that’s becoming widely popular over there these days, and it turned out surprisingly well! Instead of the usual flakiness, this henna just peeled off with no mess or stickiness leaving a blood red color behind on the hands! Check out the photos below!

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