Summer time = sun, beaches, dresses & henna tattoos!

I was wondering how have I been getting so many individual henna appointments recently, and I realized it’s because it’s summer! As the days get hotter here in HK, the clothes get shorter and more revealing! You don’t want to be wearing chunky jewelry as it’s too hot, so what do you do instead? You adorn your body with beautiful and exotic flowery henna patterns! In the last two weeks I have done several henna tattoos on individuals from all over the world, and it’s been such an amazing experience!!

Today was a perfect example. I got asked to do henna for a group of girls who came here from the United States for a mission trip. They have only been in HK for a month, and before they leave in a few days they really wanted to experience henna art, for which they contacted me. Sat out on the Avenue of Stars, with the sun shining down on us, it was amazing getting to know these girls and listening to their stories and how they came to be in HK. It felt good being a part of their HK experience, despite a very small part of it, but giving them something unique to remember their last few days in HK by!

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