Now introducing… Customized permanent tattoo designs!!

Henna tattoos are a wonderful way of trying out designs before you decide to get a permanent tattoo. I’ve come to this conclusion after numerous trials with people who have a design in mind or like some of the my designs from my site, and want to get the design as a permanent tattoo on their body! Before they do so, they want to test the placement, the size, the design and so forth just to get a better feel for the tattoo before it becomes a permanent fixture on their body! This has been a great honor for me, as it makes me happy to know that people like my designs enough to get them etched on their skin forever! My first big henna design/permanent tattoo project was for a wonderful woman in North Carolina. She found my website, contacted me, and within a few months she had my design permanently tattooed on her back and what’s more… she even left the other half of her back empty for a second tattoo!:) Check out her photos below and Contact me for a quote if you would like a customized tattoo designed just for you!

“I just wanted to show you the pictures I managed to take after my tattoo session.  I love this design! I am really glad I made this one my first choice. I hope I did you justice. When I showed up for my session I was a little heart broken he had to take some tiny details out but for the most part he tried to keep everything there. Thank you so much!  He even left room for more………Im keeping that second piece in mind. :-)I have appreciated your help and talent more than you know!”  – Sarah Leal-Mendez (Aug 2010)

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  1. shammisarwan says:
    December 6, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Thanks for such an informative article .. I’ll surely keep a track of your future articles.

    Shammi Sarwan
    (Designer – Buzz Temporary Tattoos)
    (Manufacturers & Exporters of all kind of Temporary Tattoos, Crystal Tattoos, Water Transfer Tattoos & Other fake glitter body tattoos)

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