Akanksha’s Sangeet

Wow! What a jampacked weekend this has been! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to put these up earlier (to those who have been waiting to see the pictures!) This was probably the craziest henna filled weekend I’ve had to date! But it was great fun, and even though I was really ill I had a great time. It started on friday evening with Akanksha’s sangeet where I was asked to be there for 2 hours, however 2 hours soon turned into three which then turned into 3 and half hours! I’ve realized that’s usually the case with Indian sangeets, just because people want to mingle and have a few drinks and dance before they get henna on their hands, as they know that if they’re not careful, their beautiful clothes can easily be ruined by the henna stains! The sangeet itself was really well organized with beautiful decoration, and it never ceases to amaze me just how much effort and attention to detail the bride can put into these events! This event like her other wedding events was planned to perfection to the most minute detail! All in all, after the initial waiting phase, the sangeet was a wonderful night! Enough from me, check out the highlights below!

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