An interesting experience @ Diwali Bazaar 2010!

Great food, lot of luxury goods, wonderful vendors and a bright hot and sunny day… sounds like a perfect day doesn’t it? Well it was a good day, but more than that, it was definitely an eye opening experience for me! Saturday’s bazaar taught me how to recognize my target market and position my brand accordingly. A friend made me realize that I was wrong to expect high sales at the bazaar, because the target market for this bazaar was indian ladies and families, for whom henna is not a big deal. Especially henna tattoos. They’re accustomed to full hands traditional style henna, and most of them would know how to apply basic henna themselves already! Even though the bazaar wasn’t what I had expected, the response to the henna was still generally really good! It achieved my main aim which was to gain more exposure for Sara’s Henna in the Indian community in HK! All in all it was a good day, with lots of networking, getting to know interesting new vendors and a bit of shopping!:) Check out all the photos here, and the best few shots below!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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