A sunny Summery Henna day at DB Backyard Bazaar!


That’s the best way to describe the Sunday of the Discover Bay backyard bazaar! It’s funny how at the last bazaar it was raining, and this time it was just too hot! Though it did teach me to make sure to get a marque next time:) This was one of the biggest bazaars we’ve had as there were over 60 vendors! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to walk around and visit each one of them as I couldn’t leave the henna booth, but from what I saw, there was plenty of beautiful jewelry, accessories as well as a lot of paper crafts goodies! As far as the henna is concerned, nothing makes for better henna than a hot day in the sun! As we know, henna stains a lot deeper in hot climate conditions, therefore there were a lot of happy henna customers as they had beautiful deep red henna tattoos within a few minutes of getting their tattoos done! Lots of kids, and a lot of adorable volunteers who were happy to get a free henna tattoo in return of promoting Sara’s Henna stall for me! Well done to Handmade HK for pulling off an amazing bazaar, yet again! Check out all the photos here, and the best shots below!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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