Unbelievable turnout and response at the Opening Reception of The Henna Warriors!

What a night!!! I’m still in a complete daze, and this crazy happy high from the exhibition tonight! All the stress, the last minute panic, the tension and the worries, the threatening typhoon Megi… all of it feels insignificant compared to the joy and contentment I got from being at my first ever henna exhibition! I was stood in the room, surrounded by these photographs, and all these people for whom these created a topic of discussion and interest, and I found it hard to believe that dreams can actually come true!

I have dreamt of having my own exhibition since I was in high school, although back then the subject of my interest was different, it still feels wonderful to actually have created this exhibition on such a large scale!

MobArt did a fantastic job of organizing the logistics of this exhibition, while Joyce and Ken’s photography skills, mixed with the photogenic models and beautiful makeup by Ka Lam and Alexa blew people away! The henna art on Maura, Sunee, Kanchan and Joyce’s bodies stirred up many conversations, and it was surprising how many people were interested in the actual concepts behind the art. The stunning beauty of the models left people in awe, while they also got a chance to mingle around with the models and the full cast of ‘the Henna Warriors’ to get more details about the concepts!

Check out all the photos from my camera here, and keep an eye out for the professional photos!

Henna knows no boundaries…

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