The Henna Warriors Review in the CUP Magazine

There’s no better way to spread awareness of henna than by getting a review and an interview in a popular local magazine! :)The article is all in Cantonese, however I have summarized the key points below:

Intro: Description about henna and how it’s made. How it provided a way for me to re-discover my roots. “Not only is it hard for some Hong Kong-ers to find their roots and identity,it is also the case for Karachi born artist Sara Mush.”

Goes on to talk about my background and a brief life history and how henna has been a part of me from a very young age. When it is used and for what reasons. Then it explains the concept behind the Henna Warriors.

Ends with my view of the role of women in Pakistan, and the traditional culture that I come from. How this contrasts with the women that I have chosen for this campaign and what this exhibition means to me personally.

Check it out!:)

Henna knows no boundaries…

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