Langham Hotel Henna Workshops

Overwhelmed. That was the only thing I was feeling by the end of the first day of the workshops at Langham Hotel. The amount of people who had signed up for this workshop was amazing, and definitely something I wasn’t mentally prepared for! I was imagining a small area with a table or 2… however I got to Langham to find myself in a beautiful, relaxed and spacious area called Portal – work & play bar/ lounge. There were around 12 tables, and each one was full with 4/5 people all in different stages of practicing henna! These workshops were created as mini henna workshops, where the students rotated every half hour. Thank goodness that my henna assistant – J, and the RAW ladies – Joyce and Kristen were there to help, or I would have gone crazy! I went over the basic fundamentals of henna with them through my presentation, and then went around each table showing them how to hold a henna cone, and how to create smooth and straight lines using henna! While some struggled even holding the henna cone, others amazed me by how quickly they learnt this traditional form of art and by the end of the weekend, we had some beautiful acetate sheets covered with intricate henna designs – all their own, original designs!

Check out some of the best shots below (courtesy of Random Art Workshops)

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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