Reflections on 2010, Plans for 2011!

A very Happy New Year to you all!

Sara’s Henna has now officially been running for 1 year and 3 months! So much has happened in this one year, and I’m so happy with the progress that my business has made. I never expected this passion to take me so far:) Not only has Sara’s Henna managed to create a loyal happy clientele, it’s also managed to make a small mark in the handmade arts scene in Hong Kong in just a short period of time. However, this could not have been possible without the continuous support of all my henna fans who keep me motivated and keep me wanting to do more! Here are a few highlights and achievements of Sara’s Henna in 2010:

  1. Hosted Hong Kong’s first ever Henna Exhibition – The Henna Warriors, which was received extremely well from the public and press alike!
  2. Launched some henna merchandise such as henna tee-shirts and henna painted unique one-off jewelry boxes!
  3. Paired up with the Baking Maniac to create mouth-watering henna styled cupcakes.
  4. Held a variety of henna workshops – the most popular one at Langham Hotel teaching over 70 local and international henna enthusiasts the art of henna.
  5. Appeared in a large variety of fashion,lifestyle, charityevents and fairs around Hong Kong!
  6. Launched the new henna style, permanent tattoo designing service for clients around the world!

The year ended on a high note due to the Henna Warriors exhibition, and since then I have had a million other ideas of projects that I want to embark upon! So here are a few plans for the future:

  1. Create my very own branded henna cones, applicators, design booklets and presentations
  2. Publish the first Henna design book of Hong Kong
  3. Branch out into international henna events
  4. Enhance the social media channels of Sara’s Henna by posting new articles and blogging more frequently, creating more videos, holding competitions and teaching the art of henna online!
  5. Creating more unique henna designs and learning the art of henna from the different cultures around the world.
  6. Hosting at least 2 major never-been-done-before henna events!

I was able to fulfill all my henna resolutions from last year, so here’s to hoping that I’ll be successful in achieving all my aims and dreams for my business in 2011 as well!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, Remember Sara’s Henna!

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  1. Ahmed Jamani says:
    January 3, 2011 at 2:27 am

    your pic is soo lovely:) mashAllah. God bless u

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