Never have I ever done henna at a Dolce & Gabbana event before!

I recently did henna at “An evening all about Girls”, a Dolce and Gabbana event organized by Lee Wolter in Hong Kong, and it was fantastic! The staff and I were all adorned in their Spring/Summer collection of 2011, and there were some stunning dresses out there. The event featured girly games, fortune telling and henna tattoos, which is where Sara’s Henna came in. I was honored to have been asked for my henna services at this exclusive ‘guest list only’ event and was extremely happy that it all went really smoothly and successfully! It was wonderful seeing these ladies, most of them who were first-timers to henna getting all excited and giddy over small simple tattoos. A few interesting points from the event:

– I have never had an assistant taking down names and phone numbers of clients waiting in the queue, just so the flow can go more smoothly.

– I have never gone for 3 hours straight without a single, even a minute long break.

– I have never been this nervous before an event as I was for this one.

Unfortunately I didn’t get time to take many photos as there was always a queue, so I will post most of them once I receive the pro ones from the client. However, you can see the design sheet I made for the event, as well as a photo with the D&G staff below!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!


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