Henna Tattoos with the colors of Spring!

I’ve been doing henna for over 8 years now… and in all these years, every so often I get this urge to bring some sparkle, some magic to my henna! This may not be new in other parts of the world, but I know Hong Kong has definitely never seen colorful henna tattoos before! I woke up this morning, looked at the gloomy weather outside, remembered that this was meant to be a spring fair, and decided that I want to bring that flowery, colorful spring feel to my henna today. All the henna tattoos designed at the Discovery Bay, Handmade Hong Kong bazaar today incorporated some beautiful bright colors*. The colors lent themselves well with the designs I had on display – all very floral, with some paisleys and some other playful creatures! The results were remarkable! Lots of happy kids with henna tattoos matching their dresses, and lots of smiling customers with elaborate floral designs on their hands, necks and backs! Check out the best designs below and the full album on Sara’s Henna Facebook page!

*The colors used today were Nail art paints, used to design decorative motifs on nails. They are perfectly safe for skin, and are used just for decorative purposes. The color can be wiped off in the shower or with nail polish remover, however the henna will stain the skin for anywhere between a week – 3 weeks!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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