Chinese Uni & CA Refugee Centre Cultural collaboration

Thanks to Christian Action refugee centre, I had the honor of doing henna tattoos at the Transflyer Cultural program last night. The event was a wonderful collaboration between Chinese University and Christian Action refugees youth. There was an amazing energy in the air as everyone involved was so keen and eager to learn new things and gain new experiences! The traditional food cooked by the refugee centre youth group had everyone licking their fingers, the chinese calligraphy and henna tattoos created beautiful cultural art interaction while the african drummers had everyone buzzing in their seats!

But the highlight of the night had to be the spontaneous dance party! It’s amazing how sometimes when things go wrong, they actually end up better than the original plan! Right before a rapper was meant to go on stage, the system had some fault… so one of the youths just got on the stage – started some Punjabi MC bhangra music and started dancing! Within minutes every single person in that room had joined him on the dance floor and they created an intense dance party of their own! For full 10 minutes people forgot everything else; their nationalities, their color, their race and in those 10 minutes, they were transformed into crazy Bollywood dancers! It was the most fantastic thing to watch! Then even when the system started working again, it took some effort and time to get people to settle back in their seats. That dance session really got people buzzing though, and that vibe and energy stayed through the rest of the event making it an absolutely memorable event all in all!

Both the exchange students and the youth really appreciated and enjoyed the henna tattoos as most of them had never tried them before. However it wasn’t just an experience for them, it was also a learning experience for me as I got to know these students while doing their henna tattoos for them. I think that’s the most rewarding and fulfilling part of my work, just getting to know different people from all kinds of backgrounds and seeing and taking part in events that I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of!

You can see all the photos from Transflyer on Sara’s Henna facebook page!

“Thank you for coming to our university! We have never even heard of henna tattoos and now thanks to you, we can experience them for the first time ever!”(Chinese Uni student)

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