Every Tattoo Counts!

Sitting in the luxury of our apartments/offices, bound by work, family restrictions & other commitments, over worked, underpaid and unable to take any time off for anything else, the closest any of us Hong Kong folks get to hands-on community service in our every day lives is probably Crossroads! We listen to the news as we make our way to work with our Starbucks mugs and iPhones and we have become indifferent to the world outside. We hang our heads in remorse for a few seconds as we can’t even begin to empathise with the disaster struck victims and then we carry on with our lives instead of doing anything about it. This is based purely on my observations and people I know, but I, myself am ashamed to admit that I am guilty of all the above. However, it just takes a small reality check in the most unexpected way to make you realise that life is bigger than the bubble we live in.

What started off as a small fun idea of raising awareness of my business due to the increased fan base on my facebook page, has now turned into a fundraising plea to everyone out there.  I feel so helpless every time I watch the news, see the destruction and the devastation caused by the recent Tsunami in Japan, survivors and after effects of which are still being found and I yearn to somehow go there, help, and just devote this boundless energy I have to a better use… however, I can’t. So I will stick to what I know best – henna and I’ll see if I can help from far.

“Every Tattoo Counts” is an open henna tattoo session at the IFC Rooftop in Hong Kong, being held on the 3rd April between 1pm-5pm. I plan to just go park myself at my favorite location and see who turns up! All proceeds from tattoo sales from these 4 hours will be donated towards the victims of the Japan earthquake. HK has many rules and regulations about fundraising in public places etc, however the forms and applications can take up to 6 months for approval. I might get in trouble, and I might get kicked out from the rooftop but I guess I’ll never know till I try as this is something very spontaneous, and something that needs to be done now!

Can I count on your support?

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