2 cities, 2 brides, 6 days!

Sara’s Henna 1st Business trip Itinerary:

1st stop(2 nights): Thailand- Koh Samui for a Bridal and Sangeet Henna

2nd stop(4 nights): Malaysia – Penang for a close friends’ Bridal Henna

3 months ago, for the 2nd time since I’ve started my business a year and half ago, I saw a dream turn into reality. I was asked to go abroad especially for my henna services from a bride based in Washington DC. I was extremely honored and touched by her persistence in getting me to her wedding in Thailand. I had never met the bride nor her family, and just had no idea what to expect from this trip as I boarded my flight from HK.

However, I needn’t have worried! The trip was everything I had hoped for, and more:) Landing in beautiful Samui, the balmy weather and the warm welcoming people instantly put me to ease. Meeting the bride herself was especially lovely after all those email exchanges that we’d been having. Her henna went very smoothly as the designs had been planned and custom drawn for her in advance. I was required to do the Bridal henna, then henna for some close family the next morning, and finally henna for the guests at the Sangeet in the evening. Thankfully it all went well and 2 days later, a very sleepy, exhausted yet happy henna artist was seen leaving Koh Samui, on her way to her next stop: Malaysia!

My entire Penang experience can be summed up in one word: Exhilarating! The city was unique and charming in its’ own way, and the bridal henna here was completely opposite of the one I did in Thailand. Whereas that was in a very relaxed atmosphere, the bridal henna in Penang was done at the Mehendi event, with over 200 people watching and congratulating the bride, wanting to have photos and videos with her and generally just wanting her attention. I learnt quite a few things from this experience (keep an eye out for the Bridal Henna Hiccups article)! All in all, we managed to pull it off just in the nick of time!

I learnt many things during this trip, and the value that probably stuck the most at the end was… just how lucky I am to have this rare opportunity of pursuing a career in something that is and has always been my passion. Henna has opened a window in my world through which I can live vicariously, being a part (albeit small), of the most important day of people’s lives, bringing them joy and smiles, learning through every single person who I come in contact with and most importantly, loving every little second of it! What more can I want?


p.s: I even managed to get a few minutes of parasailing in between!

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