An organic Henna experience… on a Baby Bump!

Hennaing a pregnant belly is a very beautiful & therapeutic way to celebrate the beginning of a new life! It’s completely natural and safe as the henna painlessly stains the topmost layer of the skin and then gradually fades away after 2 weeks. The session lasts for around an hour, and it’s a great way for the mum to relax, be nourished and feel beautiful about the changes taking place in her body – which can sometimes be quite overwhelming to absorb. You can read more about the significance of henna bumps at Belly Beautiful – an amazing henna service provider in Michigan.

Surprisingly, this tradition didn’t begin in the Middle Eastern countries, but in the Western world. However, henna has always been used as a healing aid, “Henna leaves have been used in India to treat wounds… swelling, burns, stomach pain caused by childbirth … and to induce abortion” (Kew- Plant Cultures) and therefore it acts as a soothing agent for pregnant and sore bellies.

I had never hennaed a baby bump before, and I found this experience today a very organic experience… I felt a bit odd at first as it’s a very personal experience, kind of like when you’re doing bridal henna for a bride. You know you’re about to be a part of something very memorable for them… it was very similar doing this pregnant belly today. Coming up with the design was a bit challenging, as the shape of the belly is very different to painting on the hands/ back… the design therefore had to flow well with the curvature of the belly. However, I was very pleased with my finished design and felt it was definitely a very unique experience!

Check out the best photo below and you can view the full album on my Facebook page!


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