The exclusive Color & Crystals Henna service provider in Hong Kong!

I love starting trends!!! Especially in a city like Hong Kong, where everyone’s always one step ahead of you… it feels good to be able to do something different and be recognized for it! Such is the story with my Colored henna gel henna designs! They started off as an experiment for a western bride who didn’t like henna, but for traditions’ sake and her Indian in- laws sake she needed to get some form of henna patterns on her hands! So I decided to make colored pastes for her… These gels are made to be the same consistency as henna paste, and then rolled into a cone just like henna. I then have the flexibility of doing exactly the same patterns I would for real henna! Colored henna has now become a sort of trend in terms of bridal henna in HK, and Sara’s Henna is the exclusive Colored Henna provider in HK! We now offer it as part of our wedding henna packages, and the best thing about these is that the brides can get the colors to be an exact match to their outfits and can also get the designs enhanced by glitter and crystals!

Take a look at these photos below! What do you think?

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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