10 tips for Perfect Bridal Henna color!

“The darker the color of your henna, the more your husband/ mother-in-law loves you!”

According to Pakistani and Indian superstitious beliefs – that statement is an actual determinant in the love brides receive from their husbands and sometimes mother-in-laws! According to these superstitions, the quality of henna, the amount of time you leave it on for… the heat in your body… none of those factors matter in the color of your henna! For the audience, it’s all about the love you receive from your in laws… however, as henna artists, we know all the effort that we put into our bridal henna to ensure that we put on a good show at our wedding!

Due to all the pressure that the color of the henna symbolizes, that very statement has also been known to drive brides insane! They want the color of their henna to be perfect… a rich & deep maroon almost black color, and they will do anything to achieve that color. So, for all those to-be-brides, here are 10 tips from my years of Bridal henna experience to ensure that you get that perfect color to show on your wedding day!


  1. Ensure you apply your bridal henna 48 hours prior to your reception day!
  2. Apply your henna in the evening, in the company of few of your closest friends/ family, to ensure that you are completely relaxed and at ease. Do NOT apply your henna at any of your Sangeet/ party events as that is really messy, distracting, and it lengthens the application procedure. 
  3. Leave your henna on your hands overnight to let it soak into your skin for atleast 6 hours without getting any water on it!
  4. While you are getting your henna done, ask a friend to make you some lemon and sugar paste… (squeeze half a lemon, and stir in around 3-4 tbsp of sugar in it. Add a drop of eucalyptus oil in it if available)
  5. Once your henna starts to dry, use a cotton wool to dab the lemon & sugar paste on it. (This seals the henna, and makes it stick on to your skin for longer). At the end of the entire henna application – both hands and feet, apply another coat of the sugar paste on it.
  6. Once the sugar seal is dry, wrap your hands and feet in cling film/ cling wrap/ plastic dish washing gloves, and leave them in this wrap the entire night!
  7. Try not to bend your wrists or your fingers too much as this will cause the henna to smudge very easily!
  8. The morning after henna application, remove the henna from your hands and feet by brushing them off lightly. Do NOT wash your hands till you have flaked off all the dry henna. Then rinse your hands – without using soap.
  9. Next, apply an even coat of Vix Vaporub or any other deep heat cream on your hands to cover your henna. Then put a pan on the stove, and put 3/4 whole cloves in the pan. Once you feel the pan getting hot, hover your hands over the pan and let the aromatic essence of the cloves cover your hands. The heat from the cloves will strengthen the color of your henna and make your stain deeper!
  10. Ensure that you do NOT: wash dishes/ shampoo your hair/ use soap or any other form of chemicals on your hands for atleast the next two days.

Follow all those steps and ensure that you are using fresh, good quality natural henna and you are bound to see that perfect color!:) See the photos below for my most recent bride – from application to the 3rd day of her Reception!


“Your mehendi is exquisite!! I’m so happy my daughter in law chose you to do her bridal henna as I’ve never seen such gorgeous mehendi color before!” – The bride’s mother-in-law at the reception a few nights ago!

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