A 3-tiered henna inspired Wedding Cake!

This 3-tiered wedding cake is a brainchild of two people extremely passionate about leaving unique and memorable impressions on their clients! A young boy full of baking dreams in his eager eyes, running his own Bakery: Baking Maniac while still studying and myself- an adventurous henna enthusiast who wants to paint the world with her henna designs!

Watch this short video of our passions combined, as we put in our time, effort and love into creating the perfect wedding cake for you!

Please excuse the amateur recording and editing – clearly not our forté!

If you liked this Henna wedding cake, you’re bound to like our other collaborative henna goodies! View the full album of our cake pops and cupcakes here!

For orders, please contact me or Baking Maniac!

For a unique henna experience in Hong Kong, remember Sara’s Henna!

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