Henna Crown Designs for Cancer Survivors!

Henna Crown Designs for Cancer Survivors!

I’ve recently gotten to know about this amazing Henna organization based in Toronto called – Henna Heals. They are doing what I’ve been aiming to do all this while – helping and making a difference with their beautiful henna talents! Their aim is to design beautiful henna crowns to empower women undergoing chemotherapy, cancer and experiencing hair loss. They create safe, customizable and temporary “henna crowns” for people who would like an additional alternative to a wig, hat and/or scarf.

They recently held a Henna Crown competition that I took part in, and the voting has just begun! I’d love your votes for my designs as I’d love to see my design make a difference in someone’s day!!

Please click here to vote for Sara’s Henna designs!! You can take a sneak preview of my designs below!


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