‘Dhinchak Life’; a dream come true!

‘Dhinchak Life’; a dream come true!

Do dreams really come true?

A question that every human being must have asked themselves at least once in their lives, and only very few people that I know have actually lived out their dreams while alive! It’s never easy… because it takes an insane amount of motivation, inspiration, determination and most of all passion and very few people can wake up every single day and wholeheartedly feel ready to take on a new day with that kind of optimistic mindset! Well, I know one person who does that for sure, the only person I know who preaches what he truly lives by!

My Dad has been dreaming about publishing his own book for years now, and he’s finally done it!! He has been running his motivational Blog for around 2 years now, and once he had enough people telling him to compile his posts into a book, he decided to finally go ahead and do it! So the book ‘Dhinchak Life‘; is a compilation of his best, most popular blog posts! Now you may be wondering, what is that word Dhin-Chak?! Well, it would be no fun if I was to give it all away here would it? So, to find out more about this new word check out the Blog: Dhinchak Life

OR better yet, why not hear the author (Mush Panjwani) tell you himself? As you all know, no book publishing is complete without an awesome Book Launch! And that’s just what we’ve been working on along with Kash Events & Entertainment! I would personally like to invite you to the:

Book Launch of Dhinchak Life

  • Date: Saturday 17th November (Today!!)
  • Time: 4-6pm
  • Venue: Dymocks Bookstore in IFC Mall, Central, HK

Not only would you get the chance to hear Mush speak about the book, you can also buy your copy AND get it signed by him, all the while nibbling on some delicious nibbles from the popular Jashan Restaurant and scrumptious mini cupcakes from my favorite Chocolate Kisses Bakery. You think that’s cool? Check out what we have in store for the first 50 guests at the launch!!

A set of 5 inspirational Dhinchak Life postcards, with motivational quotes taken from the book, and photos taken by the Author on his travels around the world!

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!!:) Hope to see you there tomorrow!

p.s: All the designing, from the cover & layout of the book, to the launch promotional materials has been done by yours truly!:)


  1. Mush Panjwani says:
    November 17, 2012 at 1:21 am

    Thank you for all your support, Sara. Love you!

  2. Do dreams come true? « Mush's Blog says:
    November 17, 2012 at 1:58 am

    […] post by Sara Mush on Sara’s Henna: Do dreams really come […]

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