Sara’s Henna Advent Calendar!

Sara’s Henna Advent Calendar!

I recently got this crazy idea to do a Henna Advent Calendar, and decided to take a poll on our Facebook page to see how many of our fans would be interested in getting one. I promised myself and the fans that if we got a 100 likes and comments in 24 hours, I will make an Advent Calendar for all our Fans! Turns out, we did end up getting a 100 likes and comments!! And so begins my journey of trying to produce a special artwork and deal for every 2 days of this month leading up to Christmas! So, every alternate day, I will be posting up a new deal on our Blog and our Facebook page for all our fans to enjoy and share lots of Henna goodies! Join in the fun, and take part in the crazy activity over on our Facebook page!!

Here’s our first deal:

Answer the simple question: What is Henna? For a chance to win a one-off Sara’s Henna, Christmas themed personalized Henna Jewelry Box!

To follow the winner, please visit our Facebook page!

Here’s our second deal:

Download the Wordsearch Puzzle Here!:D This activity is currently ongoing till Friday 7th December, so get active and take part now for a chance to win an awesome surprise present. The first ten people to complete and upload this wordsearch on our Facebook page will receive a special surprise present from Sara’s Henna!

Happy Counting down!!:D


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