A henna Christmas celebration at FTB!

A henna Christmas celebration at FTB!

Henna + food + music + fun company + inspiring venue = A perfect evening!

We had our Open henna session and a small private workshop at this awesome new venue called Fill in the Blank at Wan Chai tonight, and it was a blast!! Firstly, the venue is like my dream studio; the perfect mix of a social hangout + work station, with a super comfy lounge area, huge variety of old school board games, projectors, movies and everything you need for a night-in but out of home, if you know what I mean! It’s also equally well equipped as a modern working studio with wifi, printers, and all facilities for presentations & best of all – iPhone chargers – lots of crazy colorful ones, and we all know how important those are!

So, Sara’s Henna were brought on board by FTB, to fill their space with some cultural creativity! I was ofcourse more than happy to oblige, as I love nothing better than finding inspiring hidden new spaces for my workshops and henna sessions. Although, I did go a bit literal and hennaed up their drawing wall – something I’ve always wanted to do!

We held the open henna session as one of our Advent Calendar give aways in our countdown towards Christmas. So naturally, all the henna tattoos done tonight were Christmas themed and we had it all; galloping reindeers, sparkling snowflakes, glitzy baubles and henna xmas trees!

I was truly surprised at the number of people who came for the open session and loved the social buzz; which is one of the most attractive things about getting a henna tattoo. You instantly have an amazing conversation starter on your hands! All these people had their love of henna in common and the room was soon filled with a happy chatter as they enjoyed the drinks, snacks and tattoos on offer! You can view all the photos from the night here!

So all in all, it was a very cosy festive Henna Christmas celebration and all thanks to Fill in the Blank for sponsoring such a wonderful venue for us! @FTB: You’ll definitely be seeing more of Sara’s Henna!

Happy Holidays! xx

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