The Big Henna Competition

The Big Henna Competition

I LOVE competitions!!! Especially when they’re related to my favorite hobby in the world… Henna!! This competition is even closer to my heart because it’s being hosted by two of my all-time Henna gurus and the founders of The Henna Intensive & Retreat! So, before I tell you about the competition, let me tell you briefly about this Henna retreat!

It’s an annual Henna retreat that started last year, running in its’ second year now. A 3 day conference devoted to Henna; with workshops taught by renowned henna artists, seminars, gatherings and basically 3 days of pure undiluted Henna loving!! I was absolutely gutted when I wasn’t able to attend last year due to visa and finance issues but… it’s a new year, and a new chance!! This year – it’s been made even better by this incredible Henna Competition!!

The Henna Competition

AIM: Create unique and original henna designs in each of the 6 rounds to WIN a FREE registration for the Henna Intensive & Retreat!!

There are 6 rounds, and each round is themed. You design, you upload, you get votes, and the highest voted in each round make it through to the 2nd round!

Rounds will consist of the following top voted henna artists:

  1. Round 1 = all henna artists are welcome to participate
  2. Round 2 = 20 top voted henna artists
  3. Round 3 = 10 top voted henna artists
  4. Round 4 = 8 top voted henna artists
  5. Round 5 = 5 top voted henna artists
  6. Round 6 = 2 top voted henna artists to determine our WINNER!!

First theme: Traditional Indian Henna!!! Def something I think I know a fair bit about!:D YAY!


And I’m inviting you all to follow my journey through this competition, as I hope to learn, grow, be challenged, be inspired and COMPETE against the best artists from around The States, UK… and the world really! But… only Your votes and support can pull me through each round… so please follow the competition and all the rounds on Their Pinterest and vote for me!!

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