“Chained Empowerment”, Henna Corset

“Chained Empowerment”, Henna Corset

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a group of young college students, inviting me to be a part of their upcoming fundraising Fashion show; Beleza 3.0.

Beleza 3.0 is a charity fashion show hosted by the ESF school, Renaissance College Hong Kong, located in the Ma On Shan area. Beleza 3.0 is completely student-initiated event showcasing new and trendy ‘ready-to-wear’ garments for women, men and children. The event involves 28 models from different schools in Hong Kong, 4 creative student designers, 2 guest designers, and several talented performers from a range of schools.

All funds raised by Beleza 3.0 will go towards the advancement of women and girls’ rights through grant-making, philanthropic education and more fundraising through HERFund, a local non-profit organization devoted to the empowerment of women and girls in the Hong Kong community and ultimately, the emancipation of the female gender. They envision a society that will promote and secure human rights for both genders, with no discrimination in any area of life or work. For more information on the beneficiary, please visit their website: www.herfund.org.hk!

I loved this initiative and the wonderful cause, and ofcourse decided that Sara’s Henna would definitely be a part of this wonderful event. Along with having a booth at the fashion show, offering all guests souvenir henna tattoos, we also thought that it would be a good idea to do a small photoshoot prior to the show to create a better awareness of the theme for the show. This shoot was done at a local park in Hong Kong, and organized extremely efficiently by the Beleza team, in order to execute it before my trip to the States for the Henna Retreat.

I went to the shoot, with only the theme of women’s empowerment in mind, knowing that the only props I had to work with were the jewelry pieces from Glimpses – another student run business – and I’d never seen this jewelry before either! However, I loved what I found on the day!! My favorite being a simple & elegant gold body chain. Instantly I knew what I wanted to create! I’ve always admired body chains, and women who have the courage to wear them, as I’ve never been able to wear one before. I love what the body chain symbolizes… it makes the woman feel courageous, sexy, bold & powerful. Very similar to what a corset does for a woman too! So I decided to merge these two bold and alluring elements to create a Henna Corset interlinked with the gold body chains, titled “Chained Empowerment”!

"Chained Empowerment"

“Chained Empowerment”

Photography by: Anisha Turner

The show will take place on Friday, the 25th of October 2013 at 5:30 pm at the Renaissance College campus in Ma On Shan. Tickets will be on sale from the beginning of October and can be reserved online! There are three ticket categories available: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.

For more information on Beleza 3.0 and ticket pricing/reservation, please visit: www.facebook.com/Beleza3.0!

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