TEDx HK; Inspiration, Henna & Harmony

TEDx HK; Inspiration, Henna & Harmony

What an unbelievable experience!!!!! So I know I should have blogged about the talk right after it was done, except I really wanted to wait till the official video of the talk was online… and it finally is!!:)


The theme for this years TEDx Hong Kong Annual Event 2013 was “Can you Relate?”, and speakers had to talk about connections and relationships. Henna Art suited this theme well, as it’s all about your relationship firstly with the art; the emotions and the experience it provides you, as well as the artists’ relationship with the person who’s getting hennaed. It’s all about that connection and that interaction that leaves a lasting imprint behind!


Speaking at TEDx about my passion, my biggest hobby / business was just absolutely exhilarating. In the 2 weeks leading up to the talk I had been preparing my speech, refining it only about a million times and each time the thought, that Henna would be the subject of a TED talk… it would put me in a state of total panic, because I knew that this art form has never been spoken about on this incredible platform!! Needless to say, I really wanted to do it justice and ensure that every person who leaves that room at the end of the day knows exactly what henna is, and what kind of magic it’s capable of!

Saras Henna TEDx Hong Kong

Standing on that stage, in front of 800 people while they all look at you expectantly… it’s absolutely nerve-wrecking, and the pressure that the brand name TED puts on you – it’s known to make the most professional speakers totally blank, something I was so scared about, but my only saving grace was, that I was talking about something I knew… something that’s been a big part of my identity since childhood, something that I absolutely love to do and to share!!

Once I reminded myself of that fact the hundreds of faces in the audience turned into faces of friends and all I had to do was share my story with them! Their smiles, nods, gasps and laughs encouraged and supported me throughout those 16 minutes, putting me right at ease and surprisingly I actually ended up truly enjoying myself!!

Now I hope you enjoy it too!!:) While watching this talk, you may find it incomplete as you can’t see the visuals behind me clearly… so I’ve also posted my entire presentation on my youtube channel. You may wish to watch that after watching the talk!

TEDx Hong Kong, Sara Mush on Henna

TEDx Hong Kong, Saras Henna visual presentation

I’m so grateful for this experience, and this amazing opportunity, but I know that I truly could not have done this without my two biggest mentors:

TEDx HK Sara Mush with Mentor Mush– My Dad; Mush Panjwani – a renowned Motivational speaker, trainer & Founder of his Training company, Dinchack! *thanks for the great genes papa!:D* (Pic from before my talk, super nervous!!)

– My best friend and coach; Suraj Sajnani – a lawyer, public speaker & an absolutely ruthless coach who made me stick to deadlines and pushed me to give the best talk of my life *to-date*!:) Thank you!! I’m blessed to have such incredible friends!! (Pic from after the talk, super relieved!!)

Thank you all for being a part of my journey so far!!! Here’s to an incredible new year with new milestones to set, records to break and achievements to make!




  1. Suraj Sajnani says:
    January 6, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Perhaps some of the pushing may have been mine, but the absolutely flawless presentation and the passion you brought to the words was all entirely yours! You’ve got so many even bigger things ahead!

  2. Mush Panjwani says:
    January 6, 2014 at 10:22 am

    So proud of you, Sara! As I have said many time, your talk was by far the best of all 18 talks that day. Great story, excellent presentation, so much passion, and full of inspiration! Way to go…

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